About OCT Wetland

OCT Wetland is connected with the water system of the Shenzhen Bay and shares its biological resources. As a coastal wetland, it is an important component of the coastal wetland ecosystem of Shenzhen Bay. It not only is an extension of Shenzhen Bay Wetland, it is also the neighbor of Hongkong Mai Po Nature Reserve. OCT Wetland is the only coastal mangrove wetland in the hinterland of modern metropolis in China.

As “the kidney of Shenzhen City”, OCT Wetland is an important stopover for migratory birds. Tens of thousands migratory birds arrive at OCT Wetland every year. The broad waters, lush reed, sparse meadow, lush mangrove forests attract more than 100 species of birds, 10 species under state protection including Platalea Minor, 7 Chinese endangered species, 8 species under province protection.