Park Notices

1. OCT Wetland is open to the public free of charge on the basis of entry with appointment. There will no costs and expenses charged for visitors’ entry into the Wetland. No organization, agency or individual may take advantage of Wetland Park to be engaged in any profit-making activity or operating activity in the Wetland.

2. In the case of bad weather (such as yellow, orange or red typhoon warning signal or orange or red storm warning signal), OCT Wetland will close the park for the time being as the case may be. Visitors may enter the park on any day open to public within one month thereafter by holding the original appointment numbers and effective credentials.

3. After visitors enter the Wetland, they will be kindly requested to be subject to the management of working personnel, and observe the Rules for Visitors conscientiously. Any person violating the rules will be persuaded to leave the site or his or her appointment will no longer be accepted. If there is any abnormal emergency in the process of visit, please follow the command of the field working personnel.

4. The contents and pictures such as publicity pages, posters, spray painting, guide signs, teaching materials and curriculum programs in the park are designed and produced by OCT Wetland. The ownership and intellectual property rights will be vested in OCT Wetland, and may not be duplicated or copied without permission.

5. Electric vehicles and bicycles in the wetland are all compensated rental service. If necessary, please contact our staff members. For visitors riding in the park, please be careful to protect their own safety and ride by strictly following the planned road of the Wetland.

6. Visitors shall take good care of the wildlife in the wetland, and may not dig for wild plants, or throw food for wild animals. Visitors shall bear legal responsibility for intentionally harming wild animals and plants or other acts that may damage the wetland ecology.

7. Visitors who have entered the Wetland must observe the park management regulations and signage instructions. They must visit the park in a civilized and safe manner. Visitors shall ensure their own safety and be responsible for their own behaviors. For visitors at the age under 18, their adult relatives and friends accompanying them shall take care of them and ensure their safety.

8. The personal entrance and exit of Oct Wetland is only at the east gate of Yuntian Road. The wetland tour route is about 2.5 km one-way and must be returned by the original road. Visitors are kindly requested to choose a tour route based on their own physical conditions. For visitors such as the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and other special groups, they should be accompanied by their family members and custodians.

9. In the event of an accident during a visit, visitors should ask for an immediate help. OCT Wetland will organize an active rescue or offer assistance. However, visitors shall assume the consequences of property damage or personal injury caused by their violation of the Rules for Visitors or park regulations.

10. In order to protect the environment, promote the "trace-free wetland", OCT Wetland carries out classified collection of waste. Wetland Park only sets up classified dustbins at the entrance of the East Gate and Wetland Ecological Exhibition Hall. There are no dustbins provided on the way. Visitors are kindly requested to take away the waste they remain and collect it by classification. To reduce waste, visitors are kindly requested to take water glasses with them. To avoid the impact on wildlife, visitors are not advised to eat in the park.

11. If visitors are unable to visit on time after the appointment is made, please cancel it in time. If a personal visitor fails to visit on time and does not cancel, his appointment will not be accepted within two months thereafter; if a team fails to visit on time and does not cancel the appointment, the team appointment will not be accepted within one quarter.

12. All visitors have read and understood the Rules for Visitors completely before they enter the Wetland. If they have any question, they have already consulted the same from OCT Wetland.

13. Before visitors enter the Wetland, they have become fully aware of and understood the implication of this Notice, and will voluntarily be bound upon it.